Event Planners

More than anyone, event managers know that the simpler and more seamless it looks to the audience, the harder you had to work behind the scenes to bring it all together on the day.



You’ve got enough to worry about…



At ALV Productions we understand your need to put on a great show and we’ve got the technical and logistical know-how to bring it all together for you and your guests on the day.

Our deeply experienced team can are ready to help your deliver on your vision from planning through to setup and on-site operations.

  • Industry leading AV gear you won’t be ashamed to display
    • there’s nothing worse than getting the room looking amazing only to find the AV gear looks like it’s come of a construction site. We aim provide a product that’s visually appealing to corporate and private functions with a particular focus on unique pieces such as our Hoerboard DJ consoles


  • Tailored branding to suit your client’s needs
    • owning a space is all about tastefully branding the experience in unexpected ways. Our team can help design a solution to help you express the brand across virtually anything – from signage through to lasers, lighting, bollards to turntables slip mats – share your vision with us and let us make it a reality – at price to suit your budget


  • Hassle-free hire shop
    • there’s a lot of great AV techs out there, but they’re not always great communicators. With ALV, you don’t need to be a technical expert to get the right AV solution. Our friendly staff will help tailor a complete lighting, staging and video package to suit your needs


  • Simplified planning and logistics services
    • whether it’s a national roadshow or a 2 day meeting, the one thing you don’t have is time to spare. So why waste time shopping around for suppliers when we can provide you with a one-stop-shop? Let our production managers take the hassle out of finding the right suppliers at the right price – so you can focus on more important things.


Our clients