Why we chose DiGiCo

IO, IO it's DiGiCo to go

— Why we chose DiGiCo

We won’t bore you with the endless hours we spent listening to the back-and-forth arguments and opinions over “which digital mixer is best”. Suffice to say there were a LOT and, like belly buttons (being polite here), everyone’s got one.

Given each of these beasts costs tens of thousands of dollars, it’s also a decision as a production and hire company you don’t make lightly – so our advice is to focus on your requirements rather than the opinions of others.

Everyone (should) have the same basic list here;

  • quality pre-amps (even the best mixer can’t fix bad input)
  • lots of I/O (don’t forget output count, especially for bigger live shows where fold back and IEM counts get into the dozens)
  • broad skills base and support (no point in having a great mixing console if no-one can operate it)

The good news is that at the high-end there really is no such thing as a bad mixing console – Allen & Heath, Yamaha and Midas all make great products – you can’t go wrong if you focus on quality.

With that, we’ve made a decision to standardise on DiGiCo as our primary digital mixing console fleet. Our reasons were pretty simple;

  • portability
    • this was a killer requirement for us, the SD11 in particular offers all the power of its big-brother console in a fightable, portable 19″ console comes in its own roller road case
  • consistency
    • the entire DiGiCo range from the biggest to the smallest console all use the same Core engine and user interface, meaning that once you’ve trained on one console, you (pretty much) know them all
  • LOTS of I/O
    • even the smallest member of the family supports 16 in and 8 out and that’s before you add in a D-Rack enabling you to go add another 32 inputs and 16 output channels (of 8 AES if that’s your thing)
  • open standards support
    • with their MADI bridge boxes (Orange, Red, etc) you can bridge to Dante for example with a few mouse-clicks)
  • rider friendly
    • you can be pretty confident that your next touring act will be thrilled if you can offer them a DiGiCo, although it’s been our experience that they’ve usually specified it on their rider already
  • offline preparation mode
    • with venues forcing rapid turn-around time we like to spend time getting ready for shows

For all these reasons and more we’ve stoked to have DiGiCo on board as our supplier of premium mixing consoles for productions, touring and sub-hire – if you’re interested in knowing more, and for some helpful tips and tricks, check out our SD11 info page.

DiGiCo SD11 Mixer Hire