DiGiCo SD11 Mixer Hire

Portable. Powerful. Perfect.

As the industry standard for small and large shows, our DiGiCo SD11 mixing consoles are in high demand, so make sure to get in early to avoid disappointment – just let us know your show days and whether you’re collecting or we’re delivering and we’ll take it from there.

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Digico SD11 isolated

Whether you’re mixing FOH or mixing the band’s fold back, the compact, flight ready 19″ DiGiCo SD11 is the perfect tool for all but the biggest jobs.

It might be physically small, but it’s got all the same workflow and power of the it’s bigger bothers, meaning you don’t have to retrain your brain to get the most out of it.

With 16 local input channels and 8 sends the SD11 can be expanded to 48 input channels and 24 sends using the optional D-Rack you’ve got plenty of grunt.


Available from our hire department now for just $250 ex. GST

DiGiCo Tips & tricks

Familiar with other mixers but intimidated by the DiGiCo digital “thing”?

You’re not alone, the first time I looked at one of these beasts I nearly ran away until I realised it has more in common with a regular analog mixer than it appears, in fact it’s even easier to operate and setup than an A&H once you understand a few simple concepts.

Like everything, with great power comes great responsibility, this mixer is no different – you can get yourself into trouble if you’re determined.

To help you get the most out of your first mixing session, here are a bunch of great tip and tricks for the DiGiCo family from  which we’ve proudly borrowed from Nathan Lively’s awesome Sound Design Live podcast/blog. 


DiGiCo setup cheat sheet

DiGiCo Setup Cheat Sheet courtesy Sound Design Live

Another great tool from Nathan at sounddesignlive.com is this DiGiCo quick setup cheat sheet, download your copy from Nathan today, it’s a life saver!