ALV Productions is known for the finer detail hence why we will work closely with you to get things right from the beginning, getting to know you and your vision to create an unforgettable event.


Large scale concerts to the smallest event, in production there is no challenge we won’t tackle.


If you own or manage a venue, our specialist team of integrators can help guide your through the complete process of AV design, installation and support, including regular equipment service, firmware updates, testing & tagging services.



“Sound is more emotional than picture. Think of a car door slamming in the movies. It’s the great audio system that makes the door slamming sound real, not so much the picture.” – Richard Bowden



Every company has to start somewhere and for us it started with a passion for creating great sound. Our depth of experience and world-class portfolio of equipment means we understand how to best meet your needs whether it’s for your house party, band or festival or concert.

concert hands up


“The art of lighting the stage consists of putting light where you want it and taking it away from where you don’t” – Max Reinhardt



Lighting is the single biggest difference you can make to a room or stage – with the right design you can transform a familiar space into something magical. We offer a complete range of lighting solutions from simple event uplighting to complete concert light shows.


“I think until there’s a visual connection the impact isn’t really the same. Once you have that visual impact you’ll never forget” – Robert Siegel



If you want to maximise impact, you need to engage all the sense and nothing can quite match the impact of an integrated theme combined with video technology to create memorable experiences that will stay with your audience forever.

We can take your plans and make them a reality by combining our industry leading video, laser and props services.